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4 Effective Instagram Tips for Digital Marketers

Instagram is now the fourth most popular social media network globally. Marketers today cannot afford to pass over Instagram. It’s regularly named the preferred platform for influencer collaboration, given its wide reach among younger generations, and its high levels of engagement. Here are four effective Instagram tips for social media marketers.

Use Identifiable Branding In Your Profile

Instagram was first publicly released in 2010, and while it used to be the new kid on the block, those days are over. Now with one billion monthly active users and growing, it has exploded in popularity, and you and your clients need to stand out from the competition. In order to build and keep momentum on Instagram, your profile needs to have exceptional branding.

One great way to improve your branding is make a line-item bio that includes emojis by editing your bio on your phone. The Instagram app allows you to easily add up to 150 characters’ worth of bio info, and you want to make it as eye-catching as possible.

Half of all internet users between the ages of 18 and 34, and young people are savvy. They can immediately tell if a profile’s branding is not compelling, and will not interact as frequently with such brands. Find a few emojis that suit your profile well, and make them your “signature” emojis. The more you use them, the more your audience will associate you with them.

A second perfect way to create identifiable branding is to alternate between face / body pictures and object / text pictures. Instagram’s default layout for profile posts is in rows of three, so by alternating the subject of your pictures, it will naturally create a checkerboard effect. Using a unique visual structure on your Instagram page has proven to have magnetic effect for large groups of users, because the human eye loves variety and novelty.

Use The Location Feature In All Posts

Optimizing social posts and profiles is part of your job as a social media marketer, and that includes being aware of subtle factors that can measurably boost your success. As it turns out, including a location in your Instagram post can boost engagement by up to 79 percent. You can optimize your Instagram posts with locations immediately–no special account privileges required.

So, what’s the best way to include a location when the photo or video you’re posting wasn’t captured at a noteworthy location, or was adapted from online content? Even adding locations such as the town you live in, the town you’re posting from, or humorous locations (i.e., Planet Earth; Milky Way Galaxy) retains the results you’ll get from a small change in strategy. Part of why users love posts with locations is it makes your post appear complete, and most individuals gravitate towards content that is structurally and visually full.

Use Filters, But Don’t Overdo It

Even though many social media users don’t mind seeing unedited pictures on platforms, it cannot be denied that filter use is a major factor in some of the most successful Instagrammers’ profiles. Some posts like black and white quotes, or simple phrases on colorful backgrounds don’t need filters, but don’t let this fool you into thinking filters are ineffective.

A filter is any image enhancement or overlay that modifies the tint, framing, or otherwise visual slant of a picture. It can make a picture darker, lighter, or pull out specific colors of an image to make it more appealing. Filters work because they can take ordinary images and accent the strongest areas of them, making your work look extremely professional without the cost of expensive graphic designers.

Filters should be considered an enhancement for already well-done work, not substitutions for inherently low-quality images. For example, if an image’s subject was poorly-lit, washed out, or unfocused, a filter will not improve that result. Using filters to strengthen color or add a pop to an image will prompt viewers to take notice, and over the long-term, they’ll appreciate the extra effort you incorporate.

Designate and Maintain a Color Scheme

There’s almost nothing Instagram users love more than a great color scheme. When users are browsing around, a well color-coordinated profile is visually refreshing and causes people to sit up and pay attention. Whether you’re working with an athlete who identifies with the visceral power of red, or a photographer who loves the calming presence of blue, having that key color in at least every other photo you post is a must.

Consistency of branding illustrates to consumers that you understand visual communication, and that specific colors best resonate with particular products and services. As another example, a brand that focuses on reusable products or an eco-friendly lifestyle could implement the majority of their posts with the color green. It could be different shades of green, depending on the post’s content, but a consistent green presence demonstrates their marketing savvy. Users don’t always pick up on branding immediately, but on a subconscious level, they’ll see your brand as smarter and more relatable than the competition.

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