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6 Considerations When Writing a Successful Fundraising Appeal

Network for Good writes:

As spring approaches, are you thinking about refreshing some of your fundraising materials? One of the easiest and most effective places to begin is to look at your fundraising appeal letter. The letter is a relatively simple way to reach many donors, invite them to make a first-time gift or renew their annual gift, and offer your organization an easy way to provide multiple opportunities to donors throughout your fundraising cycle.

The appeal of a fundraising letter lies in its simplicity and execution. A strong letter with a compelling call to action can be drafted quickly, taking advantage of current events in your community (or beyond!) and sharing recent success stories with supporters. The fundraising appeal letter does not need to be lengthy (indeed, it should not be!) and can be personalized for both the addressee and the signatory. The goal of the appeal letter is to have it read by your donors and then have those donors make a gift to your organization. To that end, consider several of these suggestions when you draft your letter.

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